The Word Guy's writing services cover a range of applications including:

  • ghostwriting books and articles

  • copywriting for brochures, fact sheets, reports, websites and media releases

  • scriptwriting for television commercials, marketing programs, training DVDs and documentaries.

Matt has also created style guides for a number of organisations including the Victorian Department of Health and the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner.


Anything that has words can be edited! Services include:

  • structural editing to ensure the work is logically set out and flows smoothly from section to section

  • copyediting for readability and to make sure all the technical elements are in place, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, semantics and consistency of language

  • project editing, which sees a project through from the first draft to publication

  • proofreading to make sure your editor hasn't missed anything, including a double-check of all citations and internal cross-references.


The Word Guy provides full- and half-day workshops to build skills in effective writing and editing. All workshops are designed specifically for individual organisations, but topics generally include:

  • making your writing more engaging

  • writing for a defined audience

  • using inclusive language

  • basic grammar and other technical elements

  • editing your own and others work.

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